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    In a similar way to the OneMix App it would be really useful (to avoid accidental changes to the main mix) if the iliveEditor could be ‘Profiled’ or locked down to only being able to manage a particular mix – in my case a Stereo Aux.

    You could say why not just use OneMix and that is a valid question! My reasons would be if you are sitting down for an hour to mix production it is much nicer easier doing this sitting down in front of a laptop with a big screen and a mouse in hand.

    In truth – technically OneMix would serve the purpose perfectly – in reality it would not be a good experience flipping between layers or swiping across the screen.

    OneMix on a laptop would be great!

    I’m not a control freak it’s just easy to slip and then find the mix button on iliveEditor off, and in a side room, suddenly being alerted to the fact you are actually making changes to FOH!!! It’s happened to me!!!

    (aka Fergie)

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    I would also like this feature – I use an Aux (post fader) as a wireless microphone monitoring send and being able to lock to that aux on Editor on a laptop would be great. Need to use Editor so engineer can select and monitor all wireless channels (Especially metering) at once which onemix cant do.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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