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    Is anyone else having this problem? I have 2 brand new sequential serial numbered AB168s. Either one will connect to my Qu-32 as a MAIN and work properly… except for the dSnake Mic Preamp failure… see AB168 + Qu-16 Failure thread for that… Neither one will connect using the expansion slot… strange. Stranger still, all the link/error lights are flashing yellow. I was told by a service tech at American Music & Sound that it is due to an error in manufacturing that printed the same MAC addresses into several units. How many units? Not sure, don’t know but if I could find another one at least 100 units apart from mine it might work. I found one. It was 112 numbers older than mine… Cost me half a day driving to another state and it didn’t work. I was told by A&H support to install the new 1.71 firmware update. I’m doing that tomorrow morning just before my first time using this system. Who ever said killing two birds with one stone was a good thing never worked with software

    Wish me luck.

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    yellow blinking means: Everything fine (I’d prefer a steady green, though), red indicates an error. This information is easily found within the documentation of the GLD system (“At this point the yellow Lnk/Err indicators of connected dSNAKE and EXPANDER ports start to flash steadily showing that the link between the mixer and racks is established”)…
    You did connect the dSnake input of the second unit to the Expander output of the first, right?

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    I have 2 AB168’s, SN AB1608X-531740 and AB1608X-531789. They work fine either alone or in tandem.
    What took me a while to figure out was the channel routing selection for inputs 17-32.
    Once I got that set up both boxes worked together.

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    Sorry to hear about this.

    The update to 1.71 will resolve the issue with the preamps/pad/+48V not responding to control from the mixer.

    If you are unable to connect both AB168 units simultaneously then you will need to contact AM&S to see if they can reprogram the MAC address in one of the units or supply a unit with a discrete MAC address.

    I hope this helps.

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    A yellow blinking socket LED only indicates a valid ethernet link. Valid enumeration is indicated by the ‘Ready’ LED.


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