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    We are now using QU-32 with 2 AB168 stageboxes for 2months at our church. QU-mixer and stageboxes were occasionally crashing, so I have updated the firmware to the latest version(v1.97) and I thought the problem was solved. But last Sunday, the sound disappeared 4 times(10-12seconds at a time) in one and half hour. QU was on all the time, so it seems that AB168 crashed and rebooted by themselves. D-snake cables are new and no one is getting caught in the cables or kicking the boxes. What are the possible causes? I think AB168 automatically updates the firmware but how can I confirm that? I checked up the technical datasheet and noticed that it is listed “Operating Temperature 0 deg C to 35 deg C”, which maximum temperature is quite low and might easily cause thermal runaway. Can it be the cause?

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    KeithJ A&H


    The operating temperature is the ambient/environmental temperature rather than that of the Qu/AB internals, so I wouldn’t think it was anything to do with that (unless your church is really really hot?).
    The main things to check would be cable and cable connectors, RJ45 sockets (dSnake) on the Qu and AB units for any bent pins or ingress.
    If possible, take one or both of the AB’s and run it on a short connection next to the Qu to try and narrow down the issue to cable, Qu or one/both AB’s.

    As far as the firmware updates go, these are completely automatic and are checked every time the AB is connected to the Qu and both are powered on – if the AB boxes were somehow loosing firmware and reinstalling it, you’d see the lnk/err LED flashing red.

    You can contact us using support.allen-heath.com about this and we’ll look into it with you, we’ll also want to know whether it was inputs/outputs/both that stopped working, whether the ‘power good’ LED was on for both the Qu and/or the AB’s (if there is a power issue, outputs will be muted to prevent damage to other equipment).
    However, as you’ve only had the setup for a couple of months and have been getting crashes, I’d strongly suggest going back to the integrator/installer/dealer first as they should have completely tested and signed off the system. If there are hardware issues somewhere, this will also ensure you get the ball rolling on warranty repairs/replacement asap.


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    Thank you for your quick reply, Keith!
    Actually I already contacted A&H agency here in Japan, but in vain. I’ll check the cables, connectors, etc. and will try changing the order in which ABs are connected.

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