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    I think it would be helpful if we can get a more consistent and intuitive experience when it comes to controlling the different compressors. Some of the following concepts apply to other processors too.

    Currently, you can control some parameters of the compressors directly via the touch screen but some require the touch and turn control, but this is not consistent over all compressors.
    I believe this should ideally be consistent.
I also think that ideally the user should be able to choose whether to use the touch screen or the touch and turn method.
    E.g: currently you can use the touch screen to directly control things like the threshold on the stock comps, but you can’t on the deep models. I don’t see a apparent reason for that.

    If you choose to use the soft rotaries or the channel strip rotaries to control the compressors, the experience is also not consistent. 
Now I understand that different models have different controls, but I feel like the way these are represented on the rotaries could be improved upon. 
For example, in the case of the Opto, which has switched attack and release settings in stead of continuously variable attack and release, currently you just lose rotary control over those parameters completely. AFAIK you can only use the touch screen to flip those switches. 
Is it not possible to put those on the rotaries so that you can use them to switch between the different switched increments of attack and release? 
I think this would give us a more consistent and intuitive experience than what we get now.


Likewise, if I choose to put threshold, attack, release of the comp of the selected channel on my soft rotaries, this works well for some models, but if choose a peak76, suddenly my threshold control becomes my input gain. This does obviously not work in the same way as a threshold control and if you’re jumping through your show quickly, this can lead to needless embarassing mistakes and confusion.
    I would say that it’s not a bad idea to ‘interpret’ what the threshold rotary should do in a model that has no such control, but I’d interpret that differently than just allocating it to the input gain. I’d find it more logical to program it in such a way that as you turn the threshold control down it would simultaneously turn the peak76’s input up and its output down to compensate for the gain difference. The reverse applies for turning the threshold up, of course. 
If you calibrate this well, it would approximate the way a threshold control works, in stead of something that works somewhat but not quite in the opposite fashion of what you’d expect.

    Are there any takers for some or all of these ideas?


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