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    Here are a few feature suggestions from me here in Denmark:
    1: Dimmable desklight for non-AH lamps. Probably a hardware design, so might be hard to do.
    2: Meters in various sections: Can they be a few pixels wider. Its hard to see when I go from green to yellow on those tiny narrow meters.
    3: Please let me know how many dBs I am gain reducing in the compressor. Currently there is no way to tell.
    4: The ability to route FX signals out of the AB out (and perhaps also the AES out). I am not a fan of the onboard effects so I use an external reverb. But I don’t want to tie up any of the Aux 1-10 for the external reverb, and I cant route the signal going to the internal effects out to the external reverb either.
    5: Better visual confirmation when I am in “sends on fader mode”. I cant count how many times I have made changes to a monitormix, and forgotten to switch back to the main LR mix. Perhaps a big red square around the outer boarders of the screen.
    6: PLEEEEEEASE add a de-esser – with a tunable frequency.
    7: There is something weird about the scenes menu. I find it hard to see – clearly marked in the list – what scene I am in. There is “current Scene” and “next scene” labels at the bottom of the screen. But the current scene only shows the last RECALLED scene. If I store a scene (overwrite or update my current scene) the current scene doesn’t display the scene I just stored. It STILL shows the last scene that was RECALLED.
    8: An option to have the RTA shown in non-ISO frequency bands. When putting pink noise through the pa – its hard to use the RTA for EQ alignment. Basically – just do it like the Behringer X32. That RTA kicks ASS!!! Its even better than the RTA on my Yamaha QL5 console that costs 4 times as much.
    9: An option to have the EQ curve filled in with ONE colour – AND include the HPF in the EQ curve.
    10: For the EQ – when you touch a frequency band, perhaps add a vertical line on the graph so its easier to see exactly where my EQ point is.
    11: An option to have EQ Q-values ALWAYS shown in 0.XX values – not all of a sudden switch to 3/4 or whatever. I don’t care if I am at exactly 3 quarters of an octave.
    12: For the physical knob for the Q value on the mixer itself. Please add a little symbol that tells me which way to turn the knob to get a narrow or wide Q.

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    13: Please add the ability to NOT link monitor sends for linked channels. Sometimes keyboards use weird phase issues to create their stereo image. But when I have two keyboard channels linked, I am forced to put both channels into a mono monitor – thus creating phasing issues in the monitor that nulls out the keyboard sound.
    14: It would be nice when the GATE/Comp arent turned on, that the GR Leds dont light up. Its confusing.
    15: Please add the PAN button to items that can be reset when holding the reset button down.

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    No offense but…..you’re obviously new to the board as for requests. Hint. I hope you’re not holding your breath.

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    This was my first post here, and I haven’t spent much time on these forums. So I don’t know what to expect from AH in regards to their willingness to implement improvements.

    Most of the suggestions should be easy to implement. If they choose to. Of course not in a maintenance update, but perhaps in a version 2.XX update.

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