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    you are correct as usual Bob! 🙂
    When I mix Rockin Chair band I use their GLD consoles, mine is a Qu24 which I like a whole lot more, mainly because of fader count. I also am blessed to have an AR2412 and AR84 so I do have 30 inputs as long as I don’t mind having some of the stereo keyboards on layer two 🙂

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    Fader count is important – I like a number of custome layers on a digital desk as well… The M300 at church has a couple, the X32 has none (ouch), the QU series has one.

    ive got a BCF2000 which I am trying to get to with with TouchMix on android… Then I get eight extra faders, in all sorts of configurations…

    I’m starting to realise that digital scribble strips are a non negotiable on my next desk. Preferably with a prominent mix indicator as well!

    If I was going to replace the church desk tomorrow then it would be an X32 producer (space is constrained) with a pair of S16 snakes. The total cost is less than a QU32, and only just more than the Roland stage boxes…
    It might not be the best sounding desk in the world, but it is powerful, flexible and economically sane. The other thing to consider is that 98% of the congregation won’t ever hear the alternatives – it’s definitely ‘good enough’.

    For me, mixing gigs etc, I stick by the QU decision.
    I’m sure I’d still do a good job with an X32 model, but this is a hobby (although the QU does also get hired out, so the 2412 was the result of a single hire (which needed it)… Pretty sure that is one area the QU is more valuable than an X32 would be 🙂

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    Argh we have gone right off OP! 😐
    Love the chat though!
    Just re-affirms all of my thoughts!
    You are NOT alone Bob & Dan!
    And that’s why I use multiple mixers in very large jobs at FOH solely for surface area

    I have been experimenting with the GLD app in Demo Mode.
    Its probably an ok app onced synced in on-line and I see you can have up to 16 of them !!! ? wow
    GLD has been out probably about 4 years and I doubt now I will buy one unless someone wanted me to learn it to be a demonstrator!
    And I doubt that isn’t going to happen.
    And I have studied for a very long week!

    However …Original Post
    Before I buy a mixer ‘these days’ I want to look at the app now.

    I just can not believe there is no [iPad] dLive app? [even a ‘basic app’]
    Sure there is the Micro-$oft dLive director…
    I’m not going to buy a $4k Micro$ surface-pro touch screen to check out a dLive.

    beta testers! 😐

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    dpdan, I feel for you. I am so lucky to have many musicians who can do their own dynamics, once I get a basic balance. Bands that require micro-mixing are a pain. Could it be because they are on in-ears and don’t really know how the room sounds? I’d think that IEMs would help their dynamics, but every band I have had that used IEMs needed micro-mixing…

    You are earning your keep – I hope they pay you well.

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    Hi Lou,
    I think a band this big is going to require constant tweaking.
    Personally, I am not sold on “in ear” monitoring. It is a wonderful thing for stage volume because that band only uses two monitors (same mix) for the drummers and one for the lead singer.
    That allows me to make it sound exactly how I want and that’s a very good thing.

    Unfortunately I think most musicians that use “in ear” probably do not hear enough of the rest of the band, it causes them to not even bother to balance themselves with the other sounds.

    It is what it is,,,
    This past weekend we had two outdoor jobs and it was great weather, low 80’s.

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    Just checked the behaviour of QU-PAD after updating my iPadAir1 to IOS10
    The Slider behaviour seems to be much faster now and hardly any lag .. .Do you guys experience this too ? 🙂

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    Oh Really?
    Just had a look at the release notes.
    Seems they have done something to the digital screen touch system?

    Does anyone have both version IOS on different iPads to A/B them?

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    I have just A/B tested 2 iPad pros running Qu-Pad just in demo mode
    One running the original OS 9.0.1
    The other with new OS 10.0.1
    I cant see any difference in the touch.

    However from an iPad Air there may well be a difference?

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    As far as “sensitivity” on the QU app…
    I read this to mean “what the heck do I have to do to get the iPad surface to respond to my finger!”

    I’m one of the “lucky” few where the iPad (any iDevice, Android, etc) is unsure if I’m actually alive and touched it’s surface. Maybe it’s dry hands, but I have trouble with capacitive surfaces in general. OK…

    That being said, the Soundcraft app recognizes me immediately and is super responsive always. The Yamaha apps and QSC Touchmix apps are quite decent, with very few “retries” ever. The Touchmix app even allows multi-touch so I can grab a couple faders at once and make adjustments.

    Then there’s the QU app. Folks around me see me practically pounding on the screen to get it to recognize my touch. Moving a fader is bad, but selecting a channel is VERY hit-or-miss. Mostly miss. It seem at least 50% slower than on other apps just because it will not recognize my touch. I guess there’s a way in IOS API to dial up or down screen sensitivity – I wish A&H would dial the sensitivity up (or a user configuration). I do understand about guarding against accidental touches, but this, for me, is ridiculous.

    And QUery me this – Most mixer apps select the channel when the fader is grabbed. Why is that a separate function (fader move vs channel select) in the QU app? What possible use does that enable? Mostly mixing on the cafe’s Touchmix which does auto select anytime the channel is touched, the QU method really causes me to make errors – change the volume on one channel, then reach for the PEQ only to find that another channel is QUeued up in the channel strip.


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    For whats it worth..
    Dry skin on the ends of figures I suspect?
    I suffer this capacitive issue on touch screens as well and I put that down to using multiple cleaners when young guy [cleaning office equipment] even though I play a multitude of stringed instruments and have very sensitive figure tips.

    I haven’t tried the Soundcraft App
    I doubt very much if an adjustment for iPad touch sensitivity would happen

    Question for you:
    Which iPad model do you have?

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    Next question – have you tried the digital gloves available nowadays?

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    XYZ – I have both an iPad gen 3 (first wth RETINA) and an iPad Air 2. The newer is somewhat more responsive, but not significantly. It may be placebo effect or it may be real.

    I worked as a custodian when young and say some industrial-strength cleaners as well. I know many people’s hands sweat when hot or under pressure. I sweat everywhere (profusely) except my hands and feet.

    [XAP]Bob – Good thought – I’m an internal heat generator that has no match. Gloves are basically a no-go. I can’t wear golf gloves. Rarely do I wear gloves in winter. Never work gloves. Only when motorcycling can I wear gloves where winds over 35mph is enough to keep my hands cool enough to stave off the swelling. I tried the soft-tipped stylus, and recognition is better, but they drag on the screen surface. Maybe something like finger picks with a hard-plastic stylus. Had some of those that fit on the end of a pencil. Need to look for them.

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    I don’t do gloves much either, but if they work then it’s worth thinking about making some finger covers..

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