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    I goit my SQ6 on Saturday and played around this weekend. I am not through with all the functionality. Nevertheless my wishlist increases. It’s always that case when I like what stands before me.
    So for now here are some probably new wishes:

    – The possibility to route the PAFL/Monitor to an external loudspeaker. Great for Monitor work or when the console is used in the studio.
    – A library function to store various routing configuration. This can help to quickly switch from virtual soundcheck via USB to Live audio inputs from a stagebox or vice versa
    – Support oF my AR2412 together with my AB164 to get fully 40 Inputs by these two stageboxes. at the moment (V1.0.1) the Mixer sees only 32 inputs.
    – MBC and Transient Controller and the well known compressor types of the GLD/dLive
    – The Block Diagram in the current reference guide shows different tap points for pre fader auxes. please give us the ui interface to configure that.
    – a global switch of the tap points for each aux.
    – a user management or at least a lock password.

    For new the next production lot probably you also can build in relays for the outputs because you will hear nasty plops whenever you forget to switch the loudspeakers on at last and of at first. this do not happen on the AR2412 for instance if it is connected to the SQ.

    But again this is a great product and I like it.

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    After the first show I would like to add another feature request to the list above.
    – Add a visual feedback for the current value of the soft rotaries. At the moment they are nearly unusable because the operator do not know the current level set for the assigned level. Probably it is possible to set an individual dimmer value according to the level set for the fader. lower brightness means lower level.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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