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    Hey all,

    The routing process on the dLive is a bit unconventional, which is fine, but I’m trying to find where I can route the outputs of groups. I can assign inputs to groups and take them out of the L/R buss, but can’t find where output routing for anything else is. Also, can I send a group to another group?

    Next, I was reading up on Midi for the dLive, how is it getting in/out of the console? I want to control Waves Multirack from soft keys, if that’s even possible. I know some consoles integrate well with Multirack, how does the dLive do? I saw the Waves 3 card, would that be the network Midi port?

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    Have you considered pressing the I/O button beside the screen?

    No, routing groups into a group is not available (yet?).

    MIDI is getting in and out of the console via MIDI-over-TCP. There is a driver/application for Windows and MacOS.

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    The I/O button gives me patching, but I’m trying to find where I would (for instance) route a group somewhere else besides the main L/R buss. Especially if I were to send it out of the console, into hardware for instance, I don’t want it routed to the L/R also. Or if I sent a group to a matrix directly, I don’t want it to the L/R also.

    If I can’t send to another group (thanks for the info), that’s fine, I can adapt.

    Thank you!

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    I had trouble finding the output assignment as well, since the A&H way is fairly non-standard.
    You can make the routing 2 ways. One is using the routing screen, the other is on the surface.

    The Routing screen is pretty self-evident. You select the group or matrix (or L/R) that you want to send to, and then turn on/off the group/input/mix etc. that you want to send to that output, and adjust the level.

    To do it on the surface, what you have to do is locate the L/R fader or the matrix where you want the group to go, and press the “mix” button on that fader. Then you can go to the group you want to send to that L/R or matrix, and while pressing the “Assign” button, press the “Mix” button on that group.

    Like I say, it wasn’t really obvious, most consoles show the routing on their main channel page. It would make sense for them to add another tab on the Processing page that shows the sends and routing.

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    Surely the routing button and the I/O button on the surface is fairly self explanatory?
    Even to a very old Luddite like me. Pretty similar to most digital consoles I have seen, Digico, Yamaha etc. Only thing I suffer from is fat finger syndrome, so expand the view to give big touch pads.😉

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