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    Thank you for a nice mixer.

    I would like a couple features.

    Could we add a option to make select follow PAFL. Could be a nice option.

    Could we also add a pop-down option for the menus. So it would return to see the multichannel view.

    Could we add a softbutton option to turn on/off HPF/LPF/Compression/gate for the selected channel.

    The pitchdoubler fx from dlive would be amazing. The hypabass also

    Shure wireless integration would be nice.

    I know this is locked to the dlive architecture aswell, but the option to sweep the PEQ bands futher.

    Preview mode for scenes would be cool.

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    I believe the option for eq bands fully sweepable is currently an option documented in the current firmware pdf on the website. Another roption is to have them range limited.

    If I remember right select follow pafl was an option too. Agreed on the fx!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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