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    Having used the iPad app with QU and SQ. And trying to use the Avantis iPad app for the controlling of on stage monitors. The UX on the Avantis app is far too complicated and problematic. I’m a user of 6 months now and have almost given up on the App.

    Issue 1 – moving through the different screen options.

    To get around processing and routing for channels requires too many steps that on many occasions leaves the user confused as to where they are. Selecting a channel first then given tab options would be better than the current way round.I get that the app is trying to mirror some of the look and feel of the desk but it makes the app too complicated go get round.

    Issue 2 – Input to main bus or aux, where am I?

    The amount of times stage engineers have started messing about with the FOH instead of the AUX / monitors. When using the Avantis iPad app is getting frustrating. The main issues around this are;

    The double click of the Aux fader to selectdoesn’t really work especially on a hot stage and confuses the user to whether you are actually on that aux mix or not. The current tried and tested tabs option on the QU and SQ apps are much easier to navigate. You really know where you are and what mix you are on. The Avantis app tries to be too clever. Which is not needed when trying to switch between Aux mixes quickly.

    The ability to name custom tabs and add more could be an easier way to improve the current app rather than a complete redesign.

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    Use the routing tab?

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    I agree that the Allen and Heath iPad apps are not that good. Have you tried any other apps? Mixing Station Pro is a great alternative to the OEM apps and it’s available on a lot more platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, etc). I’d say it is better in every way and will likely solve the issues that you are experiencing. You can easily create your own layouts if you want that type of flexibility too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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