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    Just had a look through the QU instruction manual, but cannot find what I am looking for.

    In the band I use my QU-SB with a Boss FS-5U footswitch for muting the channel FX, but what I am looking at doing is this. We have a 60 date theatre tour starting in October this year and one of the songs that we will be doing in our set is a big arrangement with layered vocals and strings etc, so I was thinking of using a couple of TC Helicon Voicetone H1 effect pedals to add some unison and 3rd & 5th harmonies to our vocals.

    We do do 3 and four part harmonies anyway, but this songs needs a bit more than that especially as we are guitar driven and don’t have a keys player to fill the gaps.

    In the past when I have used these types of effects or at least set them up, I always used a splitter on the mic sending one channel direct to the mixer and the other via the harmony pedal, that way I have more control over the harmony side, can set the volume lower to make it sound more organic and eq it differently if need be. So my dilemma is this, rather than having to keep pressing two harmony pedals on/off throughout the duration of this song, I would rather have them set to on all the time, but use a footswitch to mute/unmute the corresponding channels.

    So is it possible to use a boss FS-6 dual footswitch using a standard 1/4″ stereo cable, footswitch A mutes/unmutes my vocal FX as per normal and footswitch B mutes/unmutes the harmony vocal channels only?

    Apologies for the long winded request.

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    You can assign two Mutegroups to the Footswitch. The first contains the Vocal FX Channels and the second the Harmony Channels.

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    After I posted my request I went out and setup my QU-SB along with two Boss FS5 footswitches, it will do what I want.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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