3 big features missing from dLive as of 2018 compared to DiGiCo, Avid, Yamaha

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    Yes, otherwise I would not write it. Maybe is what you are thinking different but all I know about you is what I am reading from your postings. And the essence is that you do not seem to be open minded for ideas which results in a change or enhancement of the functionality of the consoles of A&H. Again, this is what I am receiving from your writing. Nothing more or less.

    My personal and honest indention is to tell my ideas and thoughts about A&H products in this forum and I am hoping that this will help to improve those products. And sometims improvement means also to accept that other companies have good ideas as well and that these ideas are worth to be integrated in the own products.
    I think that at the end of the next steps of evolution of digital consoles there we find consoles with a common workflow. The winner of the competition is then the company with the best sounding product AND the best implementation of this common workflow.

    After more than twenty years it should not be required to spend days or weeks to be able to work with a new or unknown console quick and free from making mistakes. But maybe it is just my dream and all other sound engineers likes this required learning process. The other solution would be that the engineer will allways bring the own, familiar devices, even if it is not as good as the one at the venue. And this will be the end of technical improvement for sure.

    That is what I am thinking about this.

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    Nicola A&H

    As a moderator and A&H representative, I suggest we bring this topic back on track. And yes, everyone is welcome to post ideas and suggestions, without judgement, that’s what this forum is for. The 3 requests in the OP are all popular requests and have been on our list for a while. SiP is now implemented. Preview is a hard one to crack due to our Surface+MixRack architecture, but still an ongoing research task.
    Multichannel presets are on the list but not highest priority. While it’s true that you can reshuffle strip layout, multichannel presets would be useful across Shows, for example to drop a string section in an acoustic show, add a band to duet, or in scenarios like HoW where elements of the band can easily change.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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