2U Rack-mounted DX168!?!?

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    I’d do anything for a purpose built 2u version of the DX168. I’d love to be able to fit 3 of them plus a DX-Hub in 7u of space instead of the current 13u. It’s silly that there’s no smaller option. Rack space is at a premium on smaller tours as well as splitter space and I can’t afford to have a 13u rack where an 8u does it fine. I’m currently using a 10u which houses 2x DX168, a UPS, a 48 channel 3-way split and a 4x 16ch linesystem. If there was a 2u DX168 I’d be able to utilise the full 48 channels but currently have to purposely fit my channel counts within 32 channels because having a bigger rack just isn’t an option. It’s also a pain if I switch between a DLive set-up and SQ set-up that the switch is inside the rack!? I have to take it apart to do so… I’d love to at least know if something like this is in the pipeline or not for the future?

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    The “Redudndant/Cascade” switch being somewhere much more accessible (like on the front!) would be extremely useful.

    As for squeezing into 2U of space versus 4 – I imagine it could be done, but looking at what I can see of the different boards through the vent holes, I would imagine it would be a complete redesign, and a challenging one at that.

    Still, a 2U version of a DX168 would be pretty awesome.


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