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    I’ll try to keep this brief :) ……..but I could use a spot of help with getting Dante up and running before the weekend.

    My new Dante rig seems to be connecting fine with one unfortunate exception: No signal is shown in the Dante Controller (device view, DVS selected, receive tab), even though the desired channels are displaying green check marks and the correct mapping is shown. Likewise no signal is seen on device view, m-Dante selected, transmit tab.

    I’ve double-checked the iDR I/O patch for Port B: Dante, and Dante ports 31 and 32 are assigned to my test sockets (31 & 32, stereo) and set to “input – direct out.” The Editor channel strip shows good signal; it’s “on” and unmuted.

    Where have I gone wrong?

    iDR-32 1.91
    m-Dante 3.6.4
    Windows 7 Pro SP1
    Dante Controller
    DVS 3.2.1
    Reaper 4.54 x32
    iLive Editor 1.91 (on a separate computer)

    The Controller/DVS computer is connected directly to the primary port of the m-Dante card; it is a GB connection. Unique static IPs have been assigned to the m-Dante and the computer. The m-Dante is set to “switched” mode.

    The Editor computer is directly connected to the iDR internal switch.

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    Tim –

    If you haven’t seen these already, the Dante videos were invaluable to me… (bottom of page)



    -Tim Tyler

    Tim Tyler
    Detonator Sound
    Richmond, Va USA
    R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815 Dante

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    Thanks, Tim — I did indeed run through the videos. Unless I dozed off (possible!) I’m in great shape as far as the deployment is concerned.

    I can’t figure out why audio isn’t flowing. Everything’s showing connected and all the routing appears correct to my novice eye.

    I’m only “a bit” confused….

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    Hooray! On a whim, I went into Device Mangler and uninstalled/reinstalled the ExpressCard Ethernet adapter which was being used with Dante

    and it works, with the LR outputs.

    it does not work with input direct outs, until …. you bring up the direct out level on the strip.

    Yup, I was getting beat on by two things. A network card installation gone wrong, and “me,” gone wrong.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :)

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