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    Hi all,

    During shows I always name my FX channels. I have two issues which could be improved I think :

    * Naming : I can’t believe anybody uses two different names for input and output. So why are they not linked together?
    Now I have to type the same name twice… Not very important, but a little annoying and it would save time

    * Mix select. I would be great if you can use the MIX button on the FX return strip. Saves time and thinking.


    GLD80 :-)

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    +1 for both suggestions! my words!

    GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

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    Pit Lenz

    The problem about assigning the FX ret Mix button as you propose is this:
    This button is already defined as Mix out to Auxes, Groups, Mains, just like any other Input’s Mix button. Changing this would break the logic behind the whole forward/backward mix assign procedure and make things more confusing.
    Other than that, I had the same thoughts before, too…..

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    I like the mix button the way it is, if I want some reverb on the delay return I press “mix” on the return and push up a reverb send.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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