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    Hi, I’m prepared to pull the trigger on an M-Dante for my iDR-32 and I have a few questions. Please forgive, some may be basic questions.

    With Dante in my iDR-32, will I be able to route all 32 input sockets to my DVS host as individual recorded tracks while simultaneously mixing down to mains and auxes in a traditional manner?

    Will the routing to Dante be pre or post gain/EQ/dynamics/fader? I would like it to be post-gain.

    Later, can I play back all 32 recorded tracks through the iDR-32 and mix them down to mains and auxes using all of the processing and DFX?

    Finally, is $1,600 the price of admission in the states or can I do better — if so, where? :) Thank you!

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    1: Yes works fine on my IDR32 every time.

    2: You can choose Post preamp gain, Post HPF, Post Gate, Post Insert return, Post PEQ, Post Comp, Post Limiter and Post delay. Also Follow fader and follow mute. Don’t think I have ever heard of a pre gain direct out though.

    3: Yes, either on the same channels you recorded through or the 32 reamianing channels of the IDR’s 64.

    4:Pretty much the same everywhere unless you find a used one or campaign.

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    2. If you chose “MixRack Input” instead of IP direct out then the feed to the Dante will be post gain but pre-trim. If you take Direct Out its post gain and trim.

    3. To do this you’ll want to set up a couple of scenes that just change the input patchbay. What I usually do is make scene 1 a full scene with all parameters. Then scene 2 and 3 are scenes that only contain the patchbay. On scene 2 update it with all the IP sources coming from the Mixrack sockets and on scene 2 update it with all the IP sources set as Dante inputs. Then recall scene 2 to mix a live show and recall scene 3 to playback and mix a recorded show. Changes to EQ or FX or routing (etc etc) that you want to make can be saved in scene 1.

    4. You might trim a few dollars off that price if you find one used, but they are a rare commodity on the used market.


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    Thanks, guys!

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