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    First post so hopefully this is OK. I have two questions please.

    1) is it possible to have multiple IPads with the GLD remote app?

    2) is it possible using permissions configured on the desk, to only allow a user (on an iPad GLD remote) to only have permission to edit AUX mixes, and not others such as FOH or matrix mixes?

    Incase I am asking the wrong questions, what I am trying to achieve is to allow both the FOH engineer to have an iPad with all mixes available! But with a different engineer back stage for monitor mixing only with another iPad remote.

    The one mix app looks good but wouldn’t work for a monitor engineer mixing multiple AUX channels (if I understand the information correctly). Another option is the GLD Editor app that looks its about to be released, but I missed the webinar and the info isn’t available on the YouTube channel yet (so far as I can see).

    Thanks in advance for everyones input!


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    1) Yes, it’s possible to have multiple instances connected on different machines. I think you can have up to sixteen remote machines connected.

    2) No, I don’t think it’s possible to restrict the Remote app (or upcoming Editor) to do what you describe. And why does FOH get to mess with monitors and not vice versa, anyway? [:D]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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