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    Hi all,

    Wanted to share a product that I’ve found extremely useful the Ubiquity Networks Edgemax line of routers. These are based on Vyatta ( a linux distro made for huge scale network administration) but includes many advanced features such as hardware packet acceleration, vlans, multiple subnets, dhcp instances, so on. You can filter bridging by traffic content (i.e. don’t spam your ethersound network with Dante signals, but let ACE traverse)

    Its mostly CLI configuration, but it outperforms most $800 routers.

    p.s. like all pro grade routers, there is no built in wifi, but there’s many basic access point solutions.

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    Interesting, I use one of the companies 5Ghz wireless access points as do quite a number of audio guys I know and they work just great, think it is called an “air station pico” but they do a very comprehensive range.

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    +1 on ubiquiti
    I replaced ALL my wireless gear with ubiquiti routers and they are up there as the best.

    Weatherproof, carrier grade, high power.

    What is not to like about them.

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    Which models have you got running? They look interesting…

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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