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    Hi Guys

    I’ve got a bit of an intermittant problem with my modular 112 surface.
    I’m wondering anyone has come across it before.

    When I turn it on, the touch screen goes white and does not boot (no beep).

    If I immediately turn if off and on again, sometimes it boots.

    If I open it up, I can see that when you turn it on, the fan spins for a split second then stops.

    If I open it up, turn it on, disconnect the power from the touch screen then reconnect it, it works every time.

    It seems like a power supply issue but I’m not sure if its the power supply in the surface that supplies power to the SBC or whether it is the power supply on the SBC itself.

    A colleague suggested it also could be an issue with RAM.

    Has anyone come across this or anything similar before?

    I don’t want to have to open up the surface for every gig and munge wires around to get it working.

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    It’s the cmos backup battery. Had the Same problem!
    White screen and afther several powercycles came back to live.
    But in the end the White screen stayed
    If You search the forum there are some topics About that.


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    Not that it helps in the long term but you can run the SBC on a separate laptop (the file is included with the firmware bundle). Obviously you don’t have the touchscreen but its a little easier to run than just trying to use editor. The SBC itself is only a netbook brain & CF card so if the CMOS backup cell has died it shouldn’t be too hard to replace.

    Depending on how old your surface is it may be worth upgarding to the current 2gHZ processor anyway as the 1.6 is pretty much maxed out. Speak to your local distributor for prices…


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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