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    I mix with a T112 and iDR48 every week. I love every aspect of it. HOWEVER, every time I use one and I remember that it doesn’t have scene fades from one scene to the next, it just drives me crazy. I just don’t understand how a board this professional, with such stiff competition, doesn’t have such a common, and necessary feature.

    Is this ever going to be updated? Is it software, or hardware? I can’t believe iLive’s don’t have this feature.

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    In case if you will get a negative answer, i have a workaround for you: You can remote control all the faders by midi. Use a PC to move the faders slowly.

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    Midi isn’t a great workaround for scene fades as it would require additional midi hardware that still can’t recall enought other scene info to be the sole scene manager, so you still need to run ilive scenes as well and then you have to manage two cue lists and separate the parameters that each system will recall. Even just inserting a scene would require editing both the iLive scene and the Midi cue list. As you cant easily (quickly) store a CUSTOM parameter scene in the iLive without first storing dummy edited scenes you would need to move or copy a previously edited scene or re edit the stored parameters, then go and edit your midi cue list etc. Yes it can be done – would it be practical to use? Perhaps … If you have a long running consistant production and LOTS of programming time! For me the poor scene manager and lack of scene fades are my biggest wishes for improvement on the iLive!


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    seriously, sort this **** out please?!?!?!?!

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    I agree I have just posted a simular topic in the GLD forums. This is essential for any theatre work. It would make such a difference!

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    Ian Fisher

    I would also support scene fade times. If I wanted just on or off I could give the surface to the DSM to cue. Let us get back to mixing subtly as my colleagues in LX can do and I could do if I hired in a Digico with the new T software. I support A&H developing smaller desks but please make sure your flagship brand is working for theatre use before moving on.

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    Can I add I would definitely upgrade to an iLive from GLD if it had scene fading capabilities.

    If there was a theatre style upgrade like digico T series I would happily pay for the software upgrade also.

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