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    Hey all,

    We are awaiting our Dante Card for our iLive system. My question is can i run dante through the network ports in the mixrack to FOH for connect into macbook for recording? Is there enough bandwidth with the network of the iLive system?

    iLive 80 running Rab1 with ethersound at surface and Rad2 with ethersound and dante in Mixrack.

    Thanks Guys


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    I think the answer is no, Dante prefers a Gigabit network I believe though this is dependant I am sure as to how much audio data you are transporting. If I remember correctly the network control for an iLive uses approx 10% of a 100Mb link and the Ethersound uses pretty much all of another 100Mb circuit. ACE uses all of a 100Mb circuit.
    IMHO you need to run separate cables for each hope this helps

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    Here is how to do it.

    Put a high quality gigabit managed switch in your rack.
    Plug the ilive into the switch.
    Plug dante into the switch.

    Put a gigabit switch at the other end and plug your surface into it.
    Then plug your Mac into it as well.

    This will give you a single cable solution with no redundancy.

    If you buy decent switches that support spanning tree protocol then you can run as many cables to FOH house as you like and if one fails the whole thing keeps going.

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    millst, I assume you set up VLANs in the switches? Can you have a 100mbps VLAN running next to the gigabit VLAN on the same switch? (100mbps for ACE and Gigabit for Dante)

    IDR48 – T112 – Dante card

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    Mills what switches have you used that worked well in this scenario? The tree spanning sounds like a great idea, as does the single cable solution

    Adam Biggs
    T112 surface & iDR48
    T80 surface & iDR48
    MixPad for iPad & Tweak for iPhone apps
    Asus N61 Laptop (x2 wireless)
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Mac Mini Server w/Mountain Lion

    with Belkin PlayMax N600 HD router
    Dante card tracking into Reaper with playback via FooBar (PC) or Presonus Capture/Studio One (Mac)

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    Ah now I dipped my toe into this Millst, I use a fibre multicore as described two switches (Gigabit with good specs) so I created some V-LANs Ethersound, Network and some spares did the whole spanning tree thing all worked fine until I put a Gigabit Dante network down one of the spare V-LANs most of the time it seemed to work but I was not shifting Huge amounts of data when I pushed the Dante network a bit things seemed to get a bit less reliable which was something I had never experienced.
    Resolved the whole thing by not sending massive amounts of Dante information, now I use a separate fibre for the Dante if I need it.

    Just my experience[8D]

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    I use Cisco, LinkSys or Dell managed enterprise switches.
    When your doing this sort of thing, there is a big difference between a $100 switch and a $1500 switch.

    I don’t bother with VLANs, there is no issue running 100Mb traffic next to Gigabit traffic if you are using decent switches.

    The problem with VLANs is it slows down your setup time and means you have to get everything exactly right, if you can get it working without VLANS then everything is plug and play.

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