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    The effect of the de-esser pretty bad could.
    I have checked the Desesser in the laboratory.

    As follows,

    sinus generator (5KHZ)at the input deesser as insert. de-esser frequency 5khz.
    The biggest reduction should be at 5kHz? this is not so, but at 3.7 kHz!

    @ 3kHz de-esser frequency and generator desser is not reduction large enough.
    @ 8KHZ de-esser frequency and generator is the reduction only be -10db! reduction regulator maximum.
    The error in the selection-filter?

    Understand is working as false? The effect is deficient.

    greetings Marco

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    I haven’t done any formal testing of it, but inserting it on a speaking mic made words with s sounds a lot nicer to listen to.

    I don’t know what it’s doing, but it sounds good. [;)]


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    I also had trouble with this – didn’t seem to reduce where I expected it to, and sounded funny.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the feedback regarding the de-esser. We are aware of a bug which can cause this effect to malfunction when loaded into even-numbered effect slots (2,4,6,8). We are already working towards resolving this issue for a release that will be along shortly.

    Regarding your measurements Marco, these are correct. The chosen de-esser frequency represents the lower limit of the ess-region, as is common in many de-essers. For this reason, moving the frequency lower will result in increased gain reduction due to roll-off (as you observe). The `listen’ function can be useful here for picking the optimal frequency. Performance at 3kHz is limited by the lower range of the selection filter, and at 8kHz by the upper limit of the ess-band.

    Many thanks,

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    Interesting, I had it inserted on Channel 21. [:D]

    Does the same thing apply to aux sends? If I were to insert the de-esser on an even numbered aux feeding a reverb would it malfunction?

    EDIT: I’ve read Matts post again, I actually had it in FX Rack 8, seemed to work anyway. I wasn’t paying much attention to what value the knobs were set to, I used it along the lines of “too much of this parameter, not enough of this parameter”.


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    I have one de-esser in slot 3 and this working very good. Second I have in slot 2 and I spend many time tuning this without result. Now I will try to move de-esser from slot 2 to slot 5, thanks to Matt.

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    I played with this in the shop again the other day. Moving the frequency does something, but no matter where I put it, the highest component of the sound – 8KHz “sss” is not reduced at all/enough. Lower frequencies do seem to be, but it sounds very unnatural.

    What is the Listen button supposed to do? Does this link to PFL somehow?

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