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    I haven’t seen a folder for overall suggestions for future GLD firmware releases’, so here it is. I’ll start :)

    1.) It would be nice to be able to assign the USB record button to a soft key for quick access of the record/stop feature of USB audio.

    2.) Crossfade faders between scenes. This would be a great feature that most other digital consoles have. It would be great to see this on ALL A&H Digital consoles.

    Thanks [:)]

    System Integrator
    Entertainment Arts Inc.

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    There’s a grey (not recording) or red (recording) circle in the bottom right of the screen that will take you straight to the USB audio page.


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    Originally posted by Chris93

    There’s a grey (not recording) or red (recording) circle in the bottom right of the screen that will take you straight to the USB audio page.


    Better than nothing, but not the same thing.

    I think top of my wish list right now is more than 1,360 ms of delay on the FX delay unit. My previous #1 request was the GLD-112, but that wish got answered :)

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    +1 on the scene crossfades.

    In fact individual fader in fades or out fades would be nice. the cheapie 01v has that.

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    1. Multichannel recording (like in the new Qu-16!)

    2. dB-Measurement (Leq, max,)
    In fact that the good dB-measurement products are quite expensive and another physical device is needed, it would be great to have an “all in one” solution! (Like the integrated analyzer) For correct measurement you need a calibrated microphone and the surface has to be calibrated to the mic! As well as a recording of the measurement-graph is needed! (Leq, max) I would pay extra for this feature.. even if i would have to buy an explicit mikrofon! (A&H probably would have to work with a microphone-manufacturer for the calibrating)

    Anyway.. thanks to A&H for your great products!

    GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

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    parameters of effeks to put on the potentiometers. Not only gain, pan but delay time, etc.

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    I know the GLD is a massive computer. I know computers and their programmers are not perfect.

    My GLD touch screen froze last night in my home but was still passing audio.

    It would be helpful if there was a three button press that would reboot the touch screen subsystem without loosing power to the rest of the console. Sort of like a “Ctl+Alt+Del” three finger salute windows had.

    Thank you.

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    +1 for the “reboot screen but not the entire system”.
    For the multichannel recording just get a Dante card and a laptop with Cubase :)
    I like if when i press the SEL button on EQ, comp, etc, the screen automatically jump to the EQ, comp, etc page, even if the “processing” button is not pressed.
    And i love if they make avaiable a multiband compressor in the FXs.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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