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    Dear A&H

    I just want to share my positive experiences in using OneMix app as an “aviom” in our church.

    Generally everybody’s happy with the app. I just wish iLive has way more dsp so that I can do more splits for some of the musicians :).

    It’s a very cost effective monitoring solution. Using ipad with the abilities to set layers and see the peq graph are very helpful & visually attractive rather than pressing rubber buttons & dialing rotaries on the ME-1 or AViOM (it’s not that they are bad products).

    I hope A&H will continue improving OneMix in the future.

    Glitches that we had so far only happened several times on an ipad mini

    1. The app crashes randomly
    2. Metering didnt work (it worked again after restarting the app)

    We had ipad 1st gen & other various gens worked flawlessly.

    I sometimes hope that you would develop a ‘lighter’ Onemix for iphone / ipod touch
    Maybe without the metering & other processings.
    Just GEQ for the aux masters & sends levels. Kinda like Tweak app for monitoring with the abilities to see the input channels naming.

    I let a newly trained volunteer (2 hours of training).
    We had 2 sunday services without any glitches & problems whatsoever.

    Thanks to the user friendliness of the system.

    Before this we had yamaha o1v96. It’s way more complicated to use & the mic pres clipped easily.

    So.. I am excited about whats coming for the next gens of iLive.

    Thanks again :)

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