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    Is somone know how to make a voice over on a GLD80 or Ilive T112?

    I need to compress the music automaticly when the Dj speak in his mic.



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    I haven’t used an iLive or tried this on the GLD, but the iLive can probably do it. Go into the compressor settings for the music channel(s) and look for something like “sidechain” “key input” “detector source” or something like that. Set this to be his mic.

    Edit: I’ve just tried this in the iLive editor (1.83 mind you) and it’s obvious how to do it. Towards the top left it says “Sidechain” with a drop down menu below it. From this drop down menu you can choose the channel you want to provide the key input for the compressor. Note that the channel providing the key input must be in the same block of 8 channels as the channel being compressed.

    Edit again: …and there’s an “IN” button below the sidechain section you’d need to press to activate this.


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    I don’t think you can do this (ducking) out of the box on the GLD as you can’t set a sidechain input.

    There is a sidechain feature on the compressor but this is only to filter a certain frequency range from triggering the comp.

    Please someone corrrect me if wrong!

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    Think you are correct about the sidechain function being limited to frequency settings on the GLD. I am setting up our HOW on Saturday and am going to attempt to duck the band output with the floor/preacher mic level.

    Should it not be possible via the onboard compressor settings I will use one of my external compressors.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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