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    Hi all,

    Yesterday I had a normal gig with a band I mix several times a month.

    During the show my GLD freezed for about 1 minute. Audio was still going, but nothing working on the console. No meters, display stuck, no buttons working.

    During the pauze I was using the internal MP3 player. Suddenly after finishing a song, the next one didn’t start. The console was frozen again. This time no response at all, so I had to switch off-on the console.

    luckely I didn’t have crashes during the rest of the show.

    Anybody had the same issue(s) ?


    GLD80 :-)

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    Which firmware have you installed on your desk? Have you unplugged your usb-stick during the show? Heard a few time’s about this issue in combination with USB proceed!

    GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

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    I had a very, very similar crash a couple of weeks ago – I still have an issue open with A&H support about it – I would encourage you to do the same.

    Mine was with firmware 1.11 and definitely seemed to involve USB sticks. I’ve since upgraded to 1.12 and it hasn’t re-occurred.


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    I am using V1.12

    During the show I was recording 2track. This USB stick is never unplugged.

    I will ask AH what to do.

    GLD80 :-)

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    Did you check my movie-link in this post?

    And did you check your Log-files.

    If you have the same issues then you should contact A&H Support.
    My DSP-board was replaced last week.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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