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    I had a real pain last weekend.

    I decided to assist a starting sound engineer by using ipad app while he was at the desk.

    how to get the bug visible:

    1. recall to default template 1
    2. select stereo channel 45/46
    3. patch input of stereo channel to 1/2 (or anything else ; you just need socket preamp to get visible)
    4. select GAIN for the soft rotarys
    4. fire up the ipad app
    5. select channel 45/46 (the stereo channel) by using the ipad app
    6. select channel 43 (or any other) by using the ipad app
    7. adjust the gain of channel 45/46 or 43 on the desk or ipad app (anywhere you like)
    8. You now see that the GAIN setting is linked between the channels

    to solve…. just logout your Ipad app.

    I just posted this in the AH support area. It is a bug, for you guys it is good to know this issue.


    GLD80 :-)

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    Hey there! Maybe i dont understand it correct but for me it’s logical! You can assign the same input to several channels on the desk! But the gain (except of trim) does change at the logical input-point and not in the software! That’s why the gain changes on 45/46 as well on 43 if sou have patched it that way! To unpatch this you have to go to the i/o menu and unpatch the specific channel completely and start again assigning to the needed input-socket!

    Correct me if i’m wrong! Anyway.. i’m wondering what A&H means!

    GLD-80 / AR2412 / AR84 / Qu-16

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    Pit Lenz

    You`re right, plevrier,
    I followed your procedure and saw the same issue.
    Funny thing: select Ch 45/46 and change the gain at the gain rotary under the strip or the iPad slider: you see the gain LEDs in the preamp section up left change as well (that`s OK).
    But if you change Ch43’s gain with the rotary under the strip (Ch45/46 are still selected) , the strip’s gain changes, but not the corresponding red LED up left. So you can make the LEDs and the strip show a different gain setting for the same channel [:0]

    @eotsskleet: at this setup channels 45/46 have inputs 1/2 and ch 43 is still on input 43.
    You would be right with your response if they`d share the same input, but in this case they`re not…..

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