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    Our company recently bought an ilive t112 and idr48 mixrack. We were eyeing the mixer for a year or so and when a good deal came, we grabbed the opportunity.

    Yesterday, we had the system setup for checkup in preparation for an upcoming 1 month event. When i turned everything on, the surface could ot connect. The mixrack and the touchscreen was okay. We haven’t messed up with the network addresses so this was something new.

    I did the reset but it was still the same. I also changed the ace cables, still no good. One thing i noticed is that when i didnt plug in the cable, the surface connects… But when i attach the cable again, the connection to the surface was lost but the mix rack connects normally. I called our local distributor but to no avail. This problem drained me for the entire day.

    Earlier today, i set the system up again. I had a hunch what it was so i made a few adjustments with setting up. And sure thing, all worked perfectly.

    My hunch was that there was interference due to the 10kva avr sitting on top of the mixrack’s tourcase, which we dont normally do. The power cables were touching the ace cables. It caused interference. This shouldve been an easy fix but it sure was a learning experience.

    Hope this experience would help others in the future.

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    A good example of an increasing problem, we need to be aware of. EMP interference is becoming more common. Time to make sure grounds and shields (not always the same) are good and intact, data cables are of good quality and checked regularly etc. I had a good client loose the use of their radio mic’s on rental from me due to another well known mixer manufacturer not being quite so attentive to detail as the chaps in Kernow, only cure was to move the Radio Microphone receivers well away from the shiny new digital mixer. The trouble is this all takes time to fault find. [:(]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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