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    I’ve installed a GLD-80 in a church enviornment and they need to use the GLD Remote on the iPad. I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to connect the GLD-80 to LAN and allow wireless access over the ‘house’ network. We’ve been using it with decent success, but we occassionally get disconnected. I’m wondering what others have experienced in such an environment.



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    Ideally it would be separate (possibly more for security than anything else – anyone can install the free iPad app and control the surface) but it seems to be more important to get the wireless router/access point correct.

    For example we’re using a D-Link DIR-615, but with the stock firmware we were getting regular dropouts (every 30s or so) which made it unusable. Upgrading to DD-WRT made it 100 times more reliable.

    A&H publish a list of ‘known good’ routers:

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    We have the iLive and were having dropouts very occasionally also. It would drop out like 3 or 4 times one Sunday and then the next week we were fine. Then like some weeks later it would begin dropping out again. We are also connected to the house LAN. We discover our problem to be that someone reset one of the wireless routers and we had two units handing out IP addresses and occasionally one of them would send out the same IP as our touchscreen uses and it would cause it to disconnect. Our console is set to static IP’s, it just happened to be that the touchscreen was the one that got duplicated. I am not saying this is your problem, but it might be worth checking out.

    And yes, as gkhewitt said, it would be ideally on its own network for not only security, but also the possibility of bandwidth purposes, but it can be ran on the house network. I contacted our Allen and Heath rep on this one.

    Indiana, USA

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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