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    I am writing this during a live show (1.5 hours left!). I’ve had an FX channel strip disappear from my GLD and it seems as though it may be a bug. Here is the situation:

    I selected an aux send (to a monitor) and went to the Insert tab. I assigned Rack FX Send/Return #3 to this channel and pressed Apply. I didn’t like what it did to the channel, so I pressed unassign right away and it took it off. Immediately after unassigning the FX channel, it has disappeared from the GLD completely. I can see and access the FX return channel, but the actual FX channel strip is blank. Scribble strip is blank, can’t select or modify the channel. When I go to Setup > Control > Strip Assign, it still shows up in the channel strip. I can remove it using this screen, add it again, etc. but the FX channel 3 will NOT actually ever show up on the channel strip anymore, no matter where I try to place it.

    Anybody else ever had this happen? I have NOT tried a system reset or scene recall yet, as I’m currently in the middle of a show…

    Firmware is v1.10, but I did not see this issue in any recent updates.

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    Yes, I had it happen. I don’t think it’s a bug.

    It’s an incorrect FX assignment. In my case it was caused by trying to return the FX to an aux or something (I forget exactly what). The FX strip needed to go to it’s return rather than where it was pointed. When the FX config was corrected the strip returned to visibility.
    The disappearance was the board’s way of not approving the config.

    Best of Luck

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    Not reading any further because you’re in a hurry.

    If an FX short send or FX short return is not assigned as the send or return from an FX unit it will refuse to be strip-assigned onto the surface.


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