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    Dear colleauges,
    we found an very strange behavior with our GLD desk. We updated the Firmware to support the iPAD some weeks ago and meanwhile also to the V.1.12 (without improvement). After the last rent we noticed that the boot up process has become very slowly (similar to what has been already discussed in other posts). However, there was definitely not a firmware update during the rent. We already checked the mentioned solution concerning the activation of DHCP. But, the problem is there on activated and deactivated DHCP. Furthermore, we checked with Wireshark the network traffic and the desk do not request an IP address (at least if the DHCP is turned off). Additionally, we found that after a “soft reset”, e.g. after the DHCP is activated/deactivated, the following boot process is fast again. But, if we turn of the power and switch the desk on the problem is still there.
    I would be happy to receive some thoughts about this issue. Furthermore it would be nice to receive some input on how to connect to the desk, e .g., by SSH to read the Linux log file (I’m convinced that the problem occurs in the Linux stack and not the GLD SW).

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    Ben A&H

    Hi Jan,

    Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your GLD.

    Please could you open a ticket with Technical Support so we can investigate your issue further.

    Best Regards,
    Allen & Heath

    Allen & Heath Technical Support

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    Hi All

    I’ve just been dealing with this unit, and thought I’d share the solution in case anyone else ever experiences a slow boot with static IP address allocation.

    The GLD defaults are:


    This unit had its gateway set to:

    This isn’t a valid gateway address ( .0 and .255 are reserved ). If either the netmask or gateway are invalid or not compatible with the chosen I/P address, you may experience the slow boot issue.

    A brief and slightly dry tutorial is here:

    By re-entering the defaults above, normal operation should resume.

    We’re also looking into providing a reset button to avoid this issue in future.



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    Pit Lenz

    Great insight,
    thanks for sharing this, Andy!

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    I can confirm that this was my issue too, though slightly different – my default gateway was in a different subnet than the IP. Since the desk didn’t need to communicate outside that subnet I didn’t bother to make the default gateway match. Apparently the default gateway must be correct to prevent this issue.

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    Hi Andy,
    thank you very much for solving this issue with our GLD. Actually I’m a little bit embarrassed, that I haven’t found this simple problem myself (I expected that the problem was still related to some issue with the DHCP functionality…). However, I really appreciated the fast and straightforward service from A&H and its German distributer.
    Thanks again!
    Looking forward to the next jobs with our returned GLD.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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