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    Originally posted by John S
    The crash has been pretty much documented and solved as much as any

    Isn’t the heading of this post unnecessarily dramatic and alarmist?

    John Stefanick

    500 people in a quiet room, staring at you expectantly, while you poke helplessly at a non functional object could elicit a dramatic post.

    Ever been there?

    A couple of things that are true:

    The people at A&H pay some attention to this board

    The don’t edit it (very admirable behavior)

    They seem to be working hard on extending the reach and reliability
    of this product

    Us early adopters have dealt with a bumpy roll out

    The surest way to windup with nothing is to wait for everything. On the other hand, the 2nd mouse always gets the cheese.

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    Ever been there?

    Heck yes I’ve been there. I have been there before the first digital board was ever produced and many times since with modern gear.

    John Stefanick

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    So, basically, all the problems are with the USB, so, if i don’t connect any USB, i will have no problems?
    How can i see if the GLD is working with the USB?
    I mean, i usually have some random music in my usb, to play before the show (so no need for a PC or an MP3 reader), plug the USB, press play, concert start, then press stop on the GLD reader: when i can unplug the USB key?
    I have 1.22 firmware, the only 2 freeze that i check was when i plugged an USB, both time with playback music (fortunately i was at home testing the GLD).

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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