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    Hey Guys.

    I’ve recently upgraded my OS (OSX 10.8.3) and now ILive Editor is just not the same anymore #smh… I have deleted all iLive files and tried to reinstall. That didn’t work. Not really sure of what else to do now. As you can see (photo attached) I no longer get ‘Offline’ and ‘Mix Rack Only’ modes. I have downloaded v1.9. and I plan to update the firmware once I have a good stretch of no shows. When I open v1.9 (Offline) I have all the options I had when v1.83 was working properly.

    Please ask all the obvious questions you need to.


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    Looks as though your surface simulation is not working. Why that’s happening though, I couldn’t say.

    Is the Mac equivalent of “idr-livesim.dll” present in the program folder? Sorry, I don’t have a Mac.

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    Hi MikeGeez,

    Unfortunately OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) isn’t supported in V1.83 iLive Editor. We only added 10.8 support in V1.90 iLive Editor.

    Running V1.90 iLive Firmware & Editor should bring back all three Editor options.

    Hope this helps.



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    Hey Andy.


    Im updating the firmware now, and I am not able to update the mixrack. I have 3x idr32. I have successfuly updated 2 mixracks. having issues with the third (Error: Update of Unit iDR32 V1.83 Failed)

    Ive contacted American Music and Sound. And I haven’t been able to get in touch with anyone yet. Please help.


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    Maybe totally unrelated, but if you start the editor twice on the same computer, the second editor shows the same picture…. I just found out tonight by accident

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