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    Don’t know if I’m missing something here, but why does not the iPad app sync the strip-assigns chosen in the GLD surface?

    Usually i work in live situations, and i typically have my drums on ch 1-10, and my vocals “on the far right” resulting in channels 26-32, or above. All the strips that is unused i can hide in the surface prefs, but they are still on the iPad… I know I can setup a “custom” config, but why make this so difficult? If so i need to organize my channel strips both on the board it self, and on the iPad, and as you FOH-techs out there might know: there is just no time to be fiddelin’ about with this when you are on the job.

    If i do a show using 24 channels and want to use the app, i still have to swipe through 48 channels on the iPad when adjusting monitor-levels and so on. It’s a time-waster, and it makes working on the iPad harder than than it needs to be…

    Please A&H, let us have a sync between the surface strip assignments and the iPad.

    Thanks :)


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    I fully agree. After pinning out a 24+ input stage the last thing I want to do, or even have the time for, is shuffle through a bunch of channels in the custom 2 setup on the iPad.

    Would be awesome to have the iPad mimic the channel strip assignments right from the get go.

    The app is pretty sweet overall and hopefully some modifications are forthcoming in the next update. Specifically the tap delay in my opinion. Dashing back to the desk through a thick crowd to reset the delay is just ridiculous.

    Still happy with the overall GLD and app combo vs other brands of desks I mix on.

    “Can I get some talent in the monitor, please.”

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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