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    Hi! Very happy new GLD user here (unpacked this morning at 10:30, doors half an hour ago and five minutes to showtime :).

    This desk is an awesome product! At this price point, I almost feel bad about uttering feature requests, but…

    Have you thought about crossfade times between scenes?
    I know the same topic has been going on in the iLive forums (which don’t have that feature either IIUC). The most important parameters to crossfade would be:

    channel faders
    aux and fx sends

    if there are other low-hanging fruit (pretty much all dezippered controls such as rev or delay times), those would be cool too, although not critical.

    I’m working for a variety theatre group who are considering moving to GLDs entirely, and future improvements in scene handling would be a strong argument to make the move.

    In any case, hats off to the makers of this little wonder box!



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    Just a quick update, the show went splendidly, and I’m totally sold on this desk. While I did read the manual some days ago, I found I almost never had to refer to it while I was working (which is a good thing, because the manual sure has some way to go :)

    Having read the forum archive, I’m also really impressed how many of the feature requests and suggestions made here in the past have already been implemented in the last firmware update, kudos!

    Furthemore, I appreciate the open approach you are taking towards third-party development by providing detailed MIDI and TCP/IP implementation charts. I can’t wait to telnet into the mixer and see if I can make some faders fly :)

    One thing I wonder: as great as this desk is, at that price point, how long can you guarantee replacement parts or spare console availability?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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