Where are instructions GLD80 and Dante install?

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    Where can I fine a step by step instruction on installing the Dante card and getting it working on my Macbook Pro?

    I have the VSC loaded and licensed on my computer. But That is it.

    How about a sticky on the GLD forums that have this info?. How about instructions included in the box that contains the card? At over $1000, I feel A&H should make this easier to install and get going.

    The webinar only refers to the Ilive and the first mention is of a screen that does not exist on my GLD.

    Thank you.

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    What DAW are you using? Can it see the Dante card? What are you wanting to use it for?

    Routing signals to and from the option card slot can be done in the I/O page.


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    GLD80, small expander, large expander, and MDante card.

    Logic Pro for multi-channel live capture and virtual sound check. Hope to be able to do 32 channels bidirectionally via Dante.

    I have Macbook Pro (early 2008).

    Haven’t settled on the external hard drive or interface yet. Am willing to start with USB2 and see what I get for max track count when recording. Will upgrade HDD interface later, no rush.

    The DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) is seen by Logic. I Assume I installed the license properly.

    The GLD I/O menu simply says Dante. That’s it.

    Thank you,

    Frustrated in new equipment land…


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    There are two steps once you have DVS setup and talking to your DAW.

    You need to firstly configure the GLD to send Dante signals, this is done under the I/o routing page (soft key to the right of the touchscreen). I/O card out is the page you want – this lists all the Dante channels and what is assigned to them. You can also do I/O card in if you wish to do virtual sound check, for example. Map up each channel you wish to send, either as a direct output, mix send etc.

    Then you need to configure the Dante mapping using controller so that DVS on your laptop knows what channels of the Dante stream to pickup. When you load Dante Controller with the GLD connected and DVS started, you should see both devices. You can literally map things by clicking the boxes. I tend to keep things on a 1-1 mapping for ease, so channel 1 of Dante maps to channel 1 on the DVS.

    Then you can configure your DAW to pick off the channels.

    Hope that helps.

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    Just don’t do what the person who installed it in mine did and miss the socket, there are no guide rails for the pcb at all. once its in and youve installed the vsc and controller you should be set

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    Got it working thanks to the help when I phoned AM&S in Oregon. The help was quick, thorough and cheerful.

    Had to skew my schedule to make the phone call during their hours. I just wish there were written instructions for our GLD. I know there is an ILive video but the first screenshot of the mixer is one not on the GLD. Instant road block.

    Thank you,


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