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    The GEQ on faders is a powerful tool on the GLD. Thank you A&H.

    Since the faders can only access about half the faders at one time, there are necessarily two pages of frequencies/faders. I’ll call them left and right half. On the GUI, can the GEQ half that is active be shown with a redish tinted box around the faders that are in focus (or active). This means the GEQ photo on the GUI will have either the left half, right half or neither half tinted red indicating which GEQ half is fader active. This will make extremely clear which mode you are in.

    I realize that the frequencies are listed above each fader and people can now EQ to their hearts content but this will serve to clarify instantly.

    Anybody else think this will help?

    Thank you,
    John S

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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