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    All you GLD geeks:
    I love my GLD and was very excited about the release of the iPad app. Bought a D-link DIR815, from the recc AH list of routers, but having no success setting up the router so the iPad app will connect either to the router or to the console.
    As I understand it, there is no internet connection, so the GLD serves as the “internet” connection, Yes? So, do I list the internet IP address as static and key in the GLD IP address or use a dynamic setting? What do I use for DNS server and MAC address, or do I need them?
    Help on the iPad is not very helpful, give limited info on what to enter in setting up the router.
    Can anyone provide me with more details on how to set up the router?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I haven’t done it yet but it’s probably the same as this.


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    You can probably leave everything as default on the ipad, gld and router.

    Plug both the ipad and GLD into the LAN ports on the back of the router, I.e. there should be nothing plugged into the Internet port.

    This way both iPad and GLD will get an automatic IP address and should be able to see each other.

    Also make sure your iPad is running the latest iOS version as this should resolve an issue that was seen where the iPad would give up and not work when there was no real Internet connection.

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    Don’t forget to turn on DHCP on the GLD (Setup -> Network).
    The GLD uses a static IP by default.

    GLD all the way ;)

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    Pit Lenz


    Originally posted by jammiejammie

    Don’t forget to turn on DHCP on the GLD (Setup -> Network).
    The GLD uses a static IP by default.

    That`s not neccessary. (I´ve tried both)
    DHCP and static addresses work together simultaneously.
    The reason A&H recommends DHCP in a range between .100 and .199 is that any new ipad (or laptop with an iLive) is automatically given a new IP that wouldn`t conflict with the GLD`s (static) address of (or the iLive`s given static addresses)


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    The router just needs to be set up with DHCP and will distribute range of addresses, you chose the range when you setup the router configuration. If your iPad can see the router when you go to Settings>WiFi just select it from the list, entering a password if necessary (I would recommend doing so to prevent some bozo getting onto your network and molesting your GLD settings). The GLD is already configured to pull an IP address after you enable the feature using the button (restart required, FYI). Upon restart is should pull an address from your router. Launch the GLD Remote app and have fun. Did a full show today and really enjoyed using the app. I have a few things to learn with it, but seems very stable and feature rich.

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    Thanks for all your responses. I looked at the video for iLive mixpad and set up the router per settings suggested, hooked it up to the GLD, launched the iPad app and it worked! I think adding multicast in the advanced tab of the router tab helped, not sure, don’t care now.
    Thanks again for all your suggestions.

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