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    Pit Lenz

    It´s in the App store now!
    Thank you guys…..


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    Tried it for the first time this morning. Didn’t get loads of time to look at it as we’re always a bit pushed for time on a Sunday morning, but what I saw was good, and it worked!

    Had a few dropouts of the wireless connection (which require you to log back in again rather than reestablishing the connection automatically) so I’ll need to troubleshoot that later in the week.

    I found that I wasn’t using it all that much during rehearsal, it was useful to walk around the building and make minor adjustments, but the faders on the screen aren’t that long so you can’t be that precise in the changes. But it was nice to stand next to musicians and change monitors with them :-)

    At this stage I’d say – useful, but not life changing! Still much quicker to make adjustments on the surface itself.


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    Would this be useful for doing line checks on your own? That’s mainly what I’d use it for. Can you set input sockets and preamp gain? If not I don’t mind walking back to the GLD for this but it wold be nice to do everything on stage at once.


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    Pit Lenz

    The fader resolution can be much higher if you won’t move your finger right over the fader itself but go sideways first and then go up or down.
    The further away sideways you are, the finer will be the fader reaction compared to your finger movement.
    Check it out!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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