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    Hi all

    We have our GLD-80 with a Dante card connected directly over a single ethernet cable to our recording PC, running Windows 7 and Dante Virtual Soundcard and recording into Reaper.

    Recording is spot on, haven’t see any issues. We can also playback locally on the PC by rerouting the master outs through the local headphones. DVS is setup for 32×32 with 10ms latency (we’re not fussed).

    However, when coming to playback through the desk for virtual soundcheck we are encountering some issues. It will playback all 32 channels happily for a time, then some will drop out (maybe half, maybe more). Playback continues for other channels and I can see in Reaper that there is still audio. However nothing reaches the console! It will then spring back into life a few minutes later.

    I finally caught this in the act the other day and had a look at Dante Controller. Some of the channels have gone from “green tick” to “warning triangle” with the message: “Subscription status: unresolved. Cannot find this channel on the network.” Stopping and starting DVS will sometimes bring it back quicker but it will eventually return.

    Any ideas?

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    I have this exact same issue: channels dropped during Dante playback from a Windows 7 machine, except I’m using Pro Tools 9.

    Anyone have any ideas? This kind of makes the virtual soundcheck feature useless, although I, like the OP, haven’t had any trouble with the recording side of things.

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    I’ve installed a new NIC into the PCI slot (a higher spec Intel one that supports a number of different advanced features) and then tested on Tuesday.

    The dropouts still occurred after about 15mins but came back quicker (after say 30s). I ran the DPC Latency checker at the same time and there were no issues.

    Next step I’m going to install a secondary hard disk. I suppose it’s feasible that there’s not enough bandwidth available on the disk to support the streaming but I would expect to see issues with recording if this were the case. But worth a try!

    There is also now an update for DVS so will install that too…

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    I’ve also been seeing the same issue – every now and then the first few channels just stop sending audio. Stopping and starting the virtual soundcard causes it all to spring back into life.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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