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    I have one in my church Allen Heath iLive T80 with iDR32, which works perfectly, my doubt is: I have to use two fade from the console to the LR, and the console is only used GLD80 with a fade to the LR, it is possible iLive in too?

    thank you

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    I’m assuming you want just one fader on the surface to control main out. Not sure if its possible in set up don’t have my surface to hand but a quick work around would be to gang the mains together in the mixrack ganging screen then you can re assign one of the main out strips on the surface to what ever you want

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    Another option is to assign main outputs to a DCA and use it as your main fader.


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    ganging also means that if you change one side it links the other side to ensure it sounds the same L to R.

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    We do exactly what Doug suggested. Gang them together and free up a fader.

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    I usually use a stereo matrix as I have a couple set up[ on most show files in case I need to patch anyone else a feed. Then I can ditch the ‘main’ faders entirely from the surface!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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