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    Disappointing evening with our new R72. Discovered a weird noise coming through the talkback channel.

    Depending on where I dial in the TB level I can get some awful his and sometime some weird RF sounding noise.

    Touching the mic grill sometimes changes the tone, and tapping the touch screen will click in the talkback channel (each top).

    If I unplug the mic cord from TB, it still does it.

    I suspect this is going to require a service center repair. But though I would toss it up here to see if anyone has any suggestions.

    T112, R72, iDR48 w/M-DANTE (2), PL10, MixPad, Editor
    MacBook Pro, Mac Mini
    Lion/Logic Pro/PT10
    All latest versions/firmware

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    if you route audio from an external source input into the Talkback channel, does it still occur.

    When you described the problem, my first thought was that it was the mic or lead but if it continues after disconnection, then that certainly sounds suspicious.

    I would test it by routing audio from another source first.
    Also, check that you don’t have any signal generators turned on and routed into anything it shouldn’t be.

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    I did test with routing a different IP, the only channel creating any issue is the actual TB channel.

    Looks like it will need some attention, but so far AM&S has been helpful and will make this fairly painless I think…

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    Got a replacement R72 today. Serial number is only 50 higher and I have the same issue. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    I have tried with UPS, and Power conditioner just to see if any difference. My T112 does not have any issue.

    Sounds like some kind of RF and/or noise and that is also affected when the touch screen is engaged. This happens with or without a mic plugged in to the TB channel.

    Here is a video of the issue:

    This is the 2nd unit that does this, and is a problem considering I bought this for a monitor desk and will require the TB channels to be used.

    T112, R72, iDR48 (2), iDR16 all w/M-DANTE, PL10, MixPads, Editor
    MacBook Pro, Mac Mini,PC
    Lion/Logic Pro/PT10/Reaper
    All latest versions/firmware

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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