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    Hi there…I have a few questions about how you all are managing your speakers. I have an iLive T112/48 and one thing I miss on the GLD (or at least can’t find) is the Speaker Management.

    I just got a new GLD80 and have it setup to run L/R with a mono aux dedicated for subs. Obviously I can manage all the other processing I need (GEQ, Compression, Delay) via the mix channel, but how to I handle crossover points?


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    You can use the bottom PEQ band as a low-pass filter, and the top band as a high-pass. There’s no way to change the slope of the filter as far as I know.

    Personally, I’d prefer to use a separate speaker processing unit if at all possible.

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    Yeah…that’s what I’m sort of thinking at least in the short term. The only bummer about having to use a separate processing unit, is for this set-up, I’d need 2 since I want to run my system in Stereo. Unless anyone knows of a unit that would allow me to run L/R and then a mono signal. I’m thinking I might just add a stereo crossover on the L/R main mix, and another mono crossover on the Aux sub channel.

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    There are many speaker processors that can do what you need that have more than two inputs. If you don’t want to spend very much then the Behringer DCX2496 is a good unit that has 3 inputs and 6 outputs, decent DSP and low noise. I have put them into a few installations and other than an issue that early units had with output “crackling” noise they are great value IMO. The noise problem on early models is easy to fix as it was caused by the output board not being insulated from the chassis correctly. See here:


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