“MIX”ing a matrix shows assign “ON”s for LR

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    When you press the blue MIX button on a mix bus “ON” indicators are shown on anything that is assigned to that mix. eg MIX an aux and see “ON” indicators on anything assigned to that aux, MIX LR and see “ON”s on everything assigned to LR. This is fine, it works well.

    The problem comes when you press MIX on a matrix. The assign “ON” indicators on the input channels show the “ON” (or lack of ON) status for the LR mix, even though you arent MIXing LR, you’re MIXing a matix.

    When I first encountered this I didn’t even realise there was a problem, I just naturally assumed that the inputs were assigned to the matrix by default so I proceeded to unassign them. Then I MIXed LR and wondered why nothing was asssigned anymore…

    MIXed groups also show other groups as being ON (if those groups are assigned to LR), indicating that one group is assigned to the other, which isn’t actually the case.

    I can see now how it works, the console shows LR assign status for anything that can’t be assigned to the mix bus you’re MIXing, but I found this very misleading.

    The console is otherwise very intuitive to use but it doesn’t help when it lies to you. [;)]


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