64 channel Dante virtual soundcheck anyone?

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    Hi there!
    Is there anyone running 64 channel virtual soundcheck with Dante?
    In that case, what ilive gear, computer and OS are you using?

    We’re trying to get this to work reliably on Win 7 64-bit (+T-112 and iDR48) but patching 64 channels from computer to iDR48 is shaky. If you forget to remove the patching using Dante controller before turning of or unplugging cable prevents it from starting again. But if you get it running it works good!
    Anybody with similar experiences? Or better experiences? :-)

    iLive T-112, iDR48, Dante

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    iDR-48, T-112, Mixpad

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    We are not currently, but are hoping to come up with a PC that’s capable of it. I’m interested to see what others have to say that are doing this currently. I have used Dante to dump a couple channels back in, but not the full boat.

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    Either virtual sound checks and live recordings up to 64 chans with iLive and Dante are a real pleasure. Flexible and reliable, experienced for about 18 month now.
    Using mainly Apple Macs, Macbook pro with HDD7200rpm or SSD HDD’s but as well with a older WIN Vista Notebook fitted with high speed drives. Latest are mandatory for high data throughput you get by 64 channels.
    Save (&restore in advance of first VSC) your Dante Controller routing matrix to make sure to have all node connected properly.
    Use iLive’s Quick Input Source Setup in mixer preferences for toggling between Dante channels and IDR inputs. I save this two setup in two scenes making it so easy to swap just by two buttons pressed on surface.




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    i have tried to record 64 tracks to my notebook (Core Duo CPU). CPU was loaded 80% and Recording and ilive editor software begun to stock, if i have used all 64 tracks with Virtual Dante Soundcard. CPU load was better with 8 tracks only. No problems anymore.

    After changing to new notebook with Intel i5 CPU, the CPU load was 20-25% with 64 tracks… better :c)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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