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    Now we have 8 FX available for use what is the best way to control them.
    This is my set up.
    FX1 is feed by Aux1 controlled by custom1 (Lead vocal) surface mute is ok.
    FX2 is feed by Aux2 controlled by custom2 (L/Guit Lead) surface mute is ok.
    FX3 ins into backing vocal subgroup
    FX4 ins into Bass subgroup
    FX5 ins into Kick drum
    FX6 ins into Snare
    FX7 special eff1
    FX8 Special eff2
    I have tried to set them up as insert into subgroups. The problem with this is you have to be able to switch them on/off and softkeys dont seem to work.
    What would be great is to have insert FX with softkeys to toggle effect on or off as reguired?
    With limited surface what is the cleanest system.


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    It would be very clunky and would only work for 5 of the FX inserts, but could you set up scenes where the only things which have changed are the assign and/or mix control settings on the FX and scene safe everything else? For each FX insert you’d need a softkey for ON and a softkey for OFF.

    Not a particularly good way of doing this really but it’s what I can come up with and it might work :)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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