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    Hello everybody,

    I really get mad about my dante card and recording on a PC laptop. I’m trying this for month now and it seems there is no way to make it work.

    I’m using Allen & Heath idr64 with Broklyn 2 dante card in Port B. I installed dante controller and dante virtual soundcard on my Samsung RC730 (intel core i7 2.20 Ghz, 8mb RAM, 7300 system HD, SSD recording HD, Windows 7).

    My dante card shows up dante controller as it shoud, but virtual soundcard doesnt work at all. It sometimes shows up in dante controller. connect channels and they get lost after a few minutes. Somtimes virtual soundcard can not be switched on. Sometimes I cannot change the number of channels. Sometimes it says: “audio routing system failed (1024)”

    I searched the internet for information, but I couldnt find any help.

    currently it’s totally useless. please help me.


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    Lots of guys here to possibly give some pointers and help. Sounds like from your description a issue more with the Dante Virtual Sound Card. The support for that is also found here:

    There are lots of articles and papers that can assist you in setup at the Dante site. dont know if you had tried there as of yet. Worth reading and learning more about the software.


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    Sounds like an DVS Issue – contact Audinate Support – they are very fast responding and very helpfull.
    Give it a try.

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    deinstall the Samsung stuff from the laptop

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante

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    Thank you so much for your answers.

    I tried a lot of things, and now it seems that all this problems accur after windows 7 update. I tried to switch it off, but as soon as I power my laptop off it starts the update. After this nothing works anymore.

    I think I read an article about hits issue anywhere, but I cant remember where ???

    Anyone here who can tell me what I can do with this?

    Thanks again :)

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    oh … sorry …

    it seems it’s not only after update. It’s after reboot! Simply restarting the computer stops dante working completely. Any ideas on this?

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    Hi there!

    I think we have similar problems as you. We are running Windows 7 64-bit. I guess your windows 7 also it 64-bit?

    We usually run into the “audio routing system failed (1024)” after restart of the computer. It’s then possible to first choose 32×32 channels, activate the DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard), wait, decativate it and then choose 64×64 channels and active it again. And then it seems to work somewhat at least.

    Could you try this?
    How many channels are you trying to connect?

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    It seems I finally found a solution/workaround. I’m writing it down here for everybody who is close to suicide like I was ;)

    1. switch Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) off
    2. Open Dante Controller Software (DCS)
    3. (optional) Press Control+D (Device View). Choose your Dante Card, go to Config Tab and check your settings. Press Reboot and wait until your Dante Card rebooted.
    4. Go to the main tab an DISCONNECT EVERYTHING!
    5. Go to File > Save name the preset “initialize” and save the preset.
    6. Reboot your computer.
    7. After that open DCS. (Check it everything is disconnected!) If not reload your initialize preset.
    8. Start DVS.
    9. (optional) choose 2×2 channels. Switch DVS ON. Wait. Switch it OFF.
    10. Choose the number of Channels you want (e.g. 64×64). Switch DVS ON. (no more error should show up)
    11. Establish your connections in DCS or load a preset.
    12. Start and use your ASIO Software.

    This worked for me.

    Before shutting down the Computer always DISCONNECT EVERYTHING as told in 4. This sould help prevent many more problems that might accur.

    I found out, that I sometimes have to go through the complete list again, just because some settings where lost. Once it’s online it works as it should, with no more trouble.

    I wrote to audinate, but I didnt get an answer for more than a week now? It’s still very buggy an anoing. I hope this will be fixed in the future.

    Thanks to all you guys,


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    Nice that you found a workaround!
    And I see that it is just about the same scenario I experience. If I start everything with no connections in Dante Controller it works to start DVS. And then load a 64×64 preset works.

    Nice job!

    And let us hope they fix it soon!

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    Well, I had similar trouble. So far only working solution was to use MAC.


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    I have FINALLY found a work-around to this!
    I got in contact with a very friendly Yamaha pro audio user who was experiencing the same issue. He sent me a beta version of DVS, 3.0.4.
    And that did the trick for me!

    Send me a message and I’ll send you the file.


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