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    I have been working with an IT guy and a venue to come up with a solution for internet on my iLive closed network. Let me try to explain how this might work. And I understand that this is probably not recommended by A&H. The whole idea was to have a few different ipads using the mixpad app but also get on the internet. Obviously the house lan could not interact with the ilive network so the IT guy suggested this… My router was connected to the ilive like normal. No DHCP and everything with static ip. Then the wan port was connected to the house network with a static IP and all the setting porting it strait to the internet modem. WAN port ip set to The ilive addresses were changed to and so on. Then the ipads were setup with a 10.2.2… address with the router and DNS address of the house network modem. All this was working great. The ipads connected right up to the ilive and also to the internet. And the ilive started up with no network errors. BUT….. After all that I lost all my metering data. Audio was unaffected by the change though. In this case there is another app the venue needs for the band that uses the internet so this is the most ideal solution, if it will work that is. Any thoughts on how to get the metering data back? Or another network setup?


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