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    I have been running several days of audio for the Jewish Holidays and the Cantor needed a miniture headset mic while the Rabbi wanted a hand held. There was one foldback mix on stage for them and then there were four matrix mixes for the main speakers, two delay zones and outfills.

    We really needed an additional 31 Band graphic for the headset for the foldback mix so we could really get it dialed in to sound great with NO feedback. We were already using the parametrics also. We ended up assigning the socket to another channel and having completely separate control over that fader for use on the foldback. We then assigned that channel into a group that was assigned only to the foldback.

    Everything worked well however I would have loved to have had an insertable 31 Band Graphic or 12 band parameteric that I could have just inserted into the channel assigned to the foldback rather than having to go through a group.

    So what I am hoping for is an EQ in the FX section that could be insertedinto the channel strips.

    Thanks in advance for adding all the features that all of us users have been asking for! Ryan

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    And you don’t want to send this particular channel through group for some reason?


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    If you send the headset to a group before going to the FOH masters, then you will have a graphic EQ on the group.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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