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    I am a very experienced iLive user. I own two iLive systems and love them to bits, however I’ve not yet come across the GLD range other than to have a quick poke around in the odd venue which has them…

    I’ve been asked to do a tour next year doing FOH for a band I’ve worked with for many years. Two years ago I supplied an iLive for a 30 date tour with the same band (FOC) to show them what it could do. I set up a comprehensive scene based show, with scenes altering mutes, fx lexels, fx parameters, and in some cases routing thru groups for some fat compreesion to beef up the low end etc in certain tracks.

    The band loved it, but couldn’t afford to take the iLive out again, and I wasn’t wiling to tour it for another 60 dates free of charge, so we went back to using the PA suppliers LS9. I battled to make the show the same, and got to be somewhere close, but it was much more labour intensive, and unpredictable at times as the flexibility of scenes on the LS9 is so far behind iLive.

    Yesterday the PA supplier called to say he’s considering buying a GLD (very much out of the blue) and would I like to use it for the next tour. My initial reaction is YES, as the functionality and FX seem almost identical to that of iLive. But I have a few questions before I can advise him that it’s a wise investment….

    – Is the scene management the same on GLD as it is on iLive?
    – If not, how does it differ?
    – Seeing as iLive and GLD share the FX library, will some of the 1.9 FX be making their way into the GLD (particularly the dynamic EQ?)
    – Any other MAJOR operational differences that i should know about?
    – Are the dynamics features the same between the two (i.e. different comp algorithms, parallel compression etc etc)

    I look forward to your replies and hope I can be using some shiny purple desks for the next tour :)


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    Leon BigEars A&H

    GLD has 500 scenes, it has a Store-All / filter on recall approach, rather than the pre-selectable editable directory structure used in iLive. This allows you to ‘safely’ hit SAVE to grab all parameters, but then decide from the contents what gets recalled. May not go into as much minute detail as the iLive scene editing, but its easy to learn and non-destructive. GLD also has a ‘Cue List’ (play-list) which you can arrange from all the available scenes.

    Technically iLive FX could migrate to GLD, but if they have been developed for the iLive user, they will be proven and tested in iLive for some time being considered for GLD users.

    Major difference between GLD and iLive is that iLive MixRack is the DSP mixer brain – therefore it can be used on its own, without a surface, with TCP/IP editor, WiFi apps & PL remotes. GLD is a self contained DSP mixer surface with options for remote I/O. Currently GLD has no editor or app or PL remote option. Max inputs is 48, iLive is 128. GLD has 20 mixouts, iLive has 32. iLive has options for redundant PSUs, the modular range has redundant options for surface-to-rack audio. GLD does not have these. iLive port-B options for system expansion are in the MixRacks, GLD uses same cards but the slot is in the surface.

    GLD Dynamics are very similar to iLive but you don’t have as many options (e.g. 2 manual, 2 auto comp types). No Limiter (or De-esser) on inputs. There is no parallel path.

    ILive is a large-scale system with a lot of remote control, I/O and expansion options. Modular systems have flight-cases if required. GLD is very plug-n-play, has an iLive ‘sound’ and is a lot cheaper!
    NB iLive show / data files are not compatible with GLD.

    Horses for courses.

    please do not adjust your set; normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!

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